Hunger Control Formulas


Hunger is that feeling of discomfort caused by lack of food together with the lucrative desire to find food. From history, we know that when hunger strikes neither men nor animals have a greater extent of survival. This disaster has in the recent past been reported in most parts of the developing countries. Many victims of the disaster end up losing beloved and close members of the family who cannot withstand long gaps of small food and total lack of water. Cattle death and death of other animals during famine is a common scenario among hunger stricken places.


This disaster mostly comes as a result of lack of rains for a long time and presence of long continuous periods dryness and famine. Due to this cause people who have been stricken by famine before and those who have never experienced it before have resolved into certain formulas that can help survive in times of hunger strike.

Among the factors employed in their resolution of hunger is borehole projects. A good number of the people who now own boreholes that do provide water all year round rain come to the sun. This is a very good and reliable idea since even when drought strikes irrigation can be done to grow food for humans and animals using water from available boreholes until rain season knocks again. This way deaths caused by drought and hunger will no longer be the talk of the town.


Another factor considered by the well of countries as a hunger control formula at is storage on food that does not go bad and raw food in warehouses and underground malls under very low temperature to make sure they stay good for a long and convenient time according to how long a drought period may last. However, this may not work everywhere as this storage facility may cost a lot of money.


Putting in mind that hunger may be as a result of inadequate planning during planting period. This, in turn, leads to reduced yields at a time of harvesting yields that cannot be used to feed a whole nation and most likely the nation may suffer from hunger. But a formula that could be applied to avoid such an incidence to happen in the future is doing immersive farming which may include irrigation schemes and other means that may provide adequate food even off-season. Visit this website at and learn more about weight loss.


Effective planning of a nation also is incorporated in hunger control formula. A good government responsible to its subjects will give more plans, materials, and seedlings to help produce food in great quantities to avoid hunger strike.

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